Airport Art Special. Wednesday 23rd October - Sunday 10th November

When The Gallery Kinsale asked me to paint 10 paintings for the Cork Jazz festival this year, the subject couldn't have been more enticing.
I am a firm believer that in the practice of painting, the subject matter should be one to which the Artist and creator has an emotional response. Unless the subject moves the Artist, how can it move the viewer? All too often technical competence overshadows a painting, its good to get a balance between good technique and something emotionally moving.
I have always had a fondness for Jazz, and am excited to take up the challenge of painting for this collection.
Jazz, Rhythm and Blues, is amongst my favorite music, perhaps in part due to the opportunity for the artiste to be improvisational. I too see this collection of paintings as an opportunity to improvise and explore the medium of paint to express colour, contrast, and rhythm.
Paintings, just like music, should convey movement, atmosphere and the viewer should be captivated by the subject, the show, the sound, the atmosphere.
I hope you visit the show at Cork Airport, and are moved or at least intrigued by what you see.
I intend this to be a celebration of our beautiful City, Cork, and a celebration of music, so much part of Irish life.
Barbara Barrett.